Officers and Board of Directors

President: Ingrid Jordak

Vice President: Pete Punzo

Treasurer: Lorraine Loitsch

Membership Director: Sue Jastran (2-year term, expires 3/26)

Recording Secretary: Carol Aronowitz

Ski Director: Brenda Nichols

Communications Director: Steve Manning

Activities Director: Eileen Hanrahan

Financial Director: Michael Reitnauer

Publicity Director: Susanna Stumpe

Income Director: Chris McCloe (2-year term, expires 3/25)

Meeting Director: Kevin Walters

Sergeant at Arms: Walt Bogumil

Nominations Director: Cheri Warne (2-year term, expires 3/25)

Nominations Director: Donna McCall (2-year term, expires 3/26)

Judicial Committee Members (non-voting): Richard Graumann, Wayne Matthews, Pete Nichols, Les Smith, John Sykas

Term runs from March 2024 to March 2025 except for two-year terms.

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